The Pet Grooming Software since 1997 with No recurring fees!


This computer program is sold as is, without warranty of any kind,
either express or implied, respecting the content of this program,
including but not limited to implied warranties for the programs quality,
performance, or fitness for any particular purpose.

Neither Dennis Marshall Co. nor its dealers or distributors shall be liable
to the purchaser or any other person or entity with respect to any liability,
loss, or damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly
by this computer program.

We do not charge recurring fees. You pay one time for the software as-is.
We offer no guarantee to provide free or discounted upgrades
to new versions of the program.


You may install copies of The Groomer’s Write Hand on more than one
computer PROVIDED they are all used for ONE grooming shop
(read “Building”).If you want to use the program on more than one shop,
you must buy a registered CD for each shop.

Check payment policy

We will accept a cashiers check or money order on all COD orders.
We will accept personal and business checks but allow 10 business days
for clearing. E-mail us for mailing instructions.

Software return policy

The demo version is available via free download so that
you know exactly what you are getting before you pay.

Only defective software can be returned.
The return must take place within 30 days of invoice date and may only
be replaced for the SAME software title. Defective software will be replaced
immediately upon receipt of the defective product. Software is not refundable.

Privacy Policy

We give absolutely no one our customers names, e-mail addresses,
phone numbers or ANY other identifying information.

Tech Support Policy

We suggest that you try the demo before you order the program.

Tech support is offered via e-mail only. While “The Groomer’s Write Hand”
is extremely simple to use, feel free to e-mail your questions to us.
You will often have your questions answered within a few hours.

Please take the time to browse the built in help. Most of your questions
may be answered that way. In order to keep the price low; there is no printed
manual. However if you would like a printed manual, you may print it yourself
from the help file.

In our experience, most problems can be resolved with the assistance and
technical expertise available via e-mail.

Registration is NOT transferable. If you decide to re-sale the program at some
point you should notify the buyer that non-registered users would receive no
tech support or updates to the program. We have the lowest cost Pet Grooming
program on the market. We do not charge for email tech support. New users
request most tech support. Do to the very low cost of the program we do not
have the resources to provide support for more than one new user per sale.

Note to all Non-US/Canada users.

This program is NOT designed to be used in a country where the short date
format is anything but MONTH/DAY/YEAR. If your system date is not set at
MONTH/DAY/YEAR or you are unwilling to change your system date to this
format, please do not order this program.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

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